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This site is devoted to the genealogy of the Telzer and Telzak family. Shmuel Telzak and Sifra Chasen had thirteen children, many of whom emigrated to the U.S. All Telzers in the U.S. are believed to be descendants of their children. Most persons with the Telzer surname in the U.S.A. are likely descendants of (or are married to descendants of) their sons Goodman or Israel. There are numerous Telzer descendants with other surnames as well.

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Telzer Family Photo taken about 1908
(Click on image for larger photo)

Top: Ida, Dinah, Louis, Jennie, Abraham, Harry
Middle: Sarah, Goodman, Rachel, Dora, Fannie|
Bottom: Samuel

The children of Goodman and Dora are Abraham, Louis, Sarah, Ida, Harry, Fannie, Samuel, and Rachel. Dinah is the wife of Louis and Jennie is the wife of Abraham.

Anna (Chaya Tauba) came to the U.S in 1891 by way of England. She was married to Jacob (Yakov) Gordon. Anna was born in 1856. Anna and Jacob are buried in Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn. Jacob's family came from Cekiske, Lithuania. Descendants' surnames include Seasonwein, Rosen, Glickman, Weintraub, Chesler, Licht, and Weiss See Anna's Photo.

Gershon Telzak arrived in the U.S. on the S.S. Berlin sailing from Bremen on 5/1/1909. His wife Stirel Telzak was still in Kovno and he was going to visit his daughter Leibe Telzak, who was in Philadelphia with a Mrs. Diamond at 329 Lombard St.  Gershon was born about 1857.

Gerts did not emigrate to the U.S. His grandson Louis Telzak arrived in the U.S. in 1950. Some of Gerts' descendants emigrated to Israel. Gerts married Rase Rivka Langman. Gerts was born in 1859.  See Gerts' Photo.

Fanny (Fruma Tsirka) came to the U.S about 1892 after several years in England. She was married to Julius (Yehuda) Gordon. Fanny was born in July 1859. Fanny and Julius are buried in Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn. Descendants' surnames include Ettinger.

Goodman (Gutman) Telzer arrived in the U.S. about 1884. He married Dora (Dubka) Eyruf in 1886. Goodman was born in 1864. Goodman and Dora are buried in Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn. Descendants' surnames include Welinsky, Gorman, Wish, Spector, Freeman, Collik, Berzak, Oksenhendler, Reed, Van Baalen, Tilzer, Hargrove, and McFather.  See Goodman's Photo.

Riva Telzak (a daughter) was born in April 1867.

Israel came to the U.S. about 1889. His wife was Bertha Linder. Israel was born in 1867. Israel and Bertha are buried in Union Field Cemetery, Ridgewood, Queens. Descendant's surnames include Brenner, Hall, Steiner, and Lieberman.  See Israel's Photo.

Ike (Isser) arrived in the U.S. on 8/29/1904 with his wife Ida (Chaia Gitel) Cohen. They sailed on the S.S. Kroonland from Antwerp going to see his brother Goodman at 29 James St., NYC. Ike was born in 1869. Ike and Ida are buried in Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn.

Rose (Rishke Leah) came to the U.S. She was married to Barney (Dov Ber) Sacks. Rose was born in December 1871. Rose and Barney are buried in Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn.  (Note:  The Rose Telzer Sacks Family from Kovno, Russia is listed on panel 38 of Ellis Island's Wall of Honor.  We would love to hear (at from her descendants.)

Fannie (Feiga) arrived in the U.S. about 1892. Her married name was Friedlander. Fannie was born in February 1872. She is buried in Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn. Descendant's surnames include Zicht.

Hirsch (Girsh) Telzak arrived in the U.S. on 7/18/1900 on the S.S. Southwark sailing from Antwerp. He came to visit his uncle Max Rodmann at 13 Rutgers Place in NYC and his brother Gutman. It is believed he later returned to Kovno. Hirsh was born in December 1873 with a twin sister, Sorka.

Sorka Telzak was born in 1873.  She died in January 1874 of smallpox.  She was buried in Vandziogala.

Tserna Telzak (a daughter) was born in December 1874.

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