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  • LitvakSIG
    • The Litvak Special Interest Group at JewishGen is constantly adding information to its database. Search the All-Lithuania Database for Telzak to find the 1874 Census information on the family.
  • Keidaner Cemeteries
    • This page at JewishGen is devoted to cemeteries that have immigrants from Keidan. However, some of these cemeteries included persons from other places such as Vandziogala, which is not too far from Keidan. Search for Telzer at this site plus for any of the married names of the female Telzers who emigrated to the U.S.
  • JewishGen
    • This wonderful site has a huge amount of information on Jewish genealogy including numerous searchable databases.
  • The Jewish Genealogical Society (NY)
    • This great site has information not available at JewishGen such as Brooklyn naturalization indexes and extensive listings of Jewish organizations including New York area burial societies. Be sure to check out the page which includes a link to the 2/6/1900 incorporation paper of Congregation Bnai Israel Anshi Regolo Ve’Keidan which shows Goodman Telzer's signature.
  • Searching the Ellis Island Database in One Step
    • This is easiest way to search the Ellis Island ship's passenger record database. Most of the original ship manifests are on two pages and you will usually have to use the previous or next link at the Ellis Island Records' original ship manifest page to see the other page.
    • To find the ship's manifest with the passenger record for Ike (Isser) Telzer and his wife, search for Yssar Telezyk.
    • On the Main Search Page (use Show Both for a last name search), search for Telzak to find Hirsch Telzak (also known as Girsh Telzak), Gerschon Telzak (who is Gershon Telzak), and a Shiffre Telsak (probably a related Telzak).
  • Avotaynu
    • The leading publisher of the Jewish genealogy products also has the Consolidated Jewish Surname Index on its site.


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